Bulletin #1 - Competitive Club

December 16, 2017

Hello All

Welcome to our first 22dragons competitive program newsletter! It’s been a lot of work, but it’s amazing to see all our sport crews working together! Below are some brief updates with the club.

First, and most importantly, congratulations to coach Jon and Julie on the birth of their daughter, Madeline. Can’t wait to meet her! (and what a great excuse for cutting out of fitness test)

If you have any questions or comments about the competitive club and information below please don’t hesitate to contact me, Matt Smith, 22Dragons competitive program director. I am very passionate about making this new club concept work and will do everything I can listen and adapt.

Phone : 514-617-2284
FB :


Club Portal

If you haven’t already logged in, we’ve created a protected page on our 22D website where all competitive club documentation can be found.  This includes your training program, testing schedules, calendars etc. One section, “pro-tips”, is still not active. This is linked to a folder where the coaches can put videos on paddling, erg, pool or physical training.

Visit the 22dragons’ website and click on “competitive club” on the top of the page.
Password: 22dSzeged.


Feedback on test

We received very positive feedback on the first test. People enjoyed the format and said that it ran smoothly. The new erg settings seem appreciated too.  As it’s a new test expect minor tweaks as the coaches learn from the experience. If you have any comments, please let the coaches or myself know. It’s fresh so now is the time to make improvements! Thanks to Mike and Dan for their work in building it, and all others who volunteered their time to make it work.


Erg groups

We have been running 3-4 erg group trainings a week. Groups are small, 5-6 paddlers, and feedback has been positive. A great way to learn the machine with a coach, or push yourself in a group setting. $10/$15 for members of the gym / non-members. Sign up sheet is here:


Szeged selections:

We have received questions on selections for Szeged from all age divisions.  Each division is different in terms of participants and number of CCWC entries so each division will have a slightly different selection process. We will have each one published before the new year at the latest, but ideally by next week. The senior B/C random draw results obviously play heavily into planning for Senior B/C


Senior B training

This year we are going to re-introduce a team training program to the senior B division. It will be run by Daniel Bertrand. Over the next few weeks I will review with Marie and Dan the best way to get you all acquainted.  The plan is for a few sessions done either during circuit time, or at a different time where Dan can introduce the program. It is available now on the club portal, but may be difficult to understand without some explanation. For those who have personal trainers it’s still good to understand the program and share with your trainer to get a sense of the periodization and emphasis.

Once the program is introduced we may add sessions with Dan and/or Mike where different elements of the program are taught. For example, a session on deadlifts, or stretching etc.

Finally, both the premier and senior training programs are on the club portal and available to athletes from either of the divisions in case you’d like to try something different.


Wednesday and Friday mornings

For those who want to paddle Friday mornings from Senior A and B, you are welcome to our 6 am session with premier. It would be great to have you!  This session is regularly coached by me, and occasionally by Mike Wu or Laurie-Anne. I would love to get to know you!

There are also 2 circuits, Wednesday at 7am and Friday at 7am that are open to the entire competitive club. Friday is well-populated, but we have lots of room on Wednesdays!


15th anniversary.

Ticket sales are starting to accelerate! We’re up to about 140 of our target 200 in terms of guest. At this point we can open it up to plus ones too. Please encourage both present and past paddlers to attend.  Here is the event page to forward to your friends:



Our gym will be undergoing a small expansion over the next 2 weeks. We’ll be adding about 500 sq feet to the floor area behind the mirrors, and in the long term an erg room behind it. Work will be ongoing through January 1st.


Travel updates

For those going to Szeged, we have accommodations reserved at the Matrix and City Hotels for approx. 115. We have options for more if need be. There are still lots of questions around our Senior B/C entries as we wait for random draw information. Clean and modern hotels and a wonderful and engaged owner. Costs are very reasonable, $50 a day includes breakfast. Expect about $10 a day for bussing. A boxed lunch is also available at $8 a day.


Myrtle beach registration

There is a page on the portal for those interested in Myrtle Beach. Senior Bs we already have your list, didn’t put it in yet! Senior As if you want to express your interest on the page it will help us begin building the crews and seeing if we need extras. Two sections “confirmed” and “interested”


Canal construction work

You may have noticed extensive work being done on the Lachine Canal. They are repairing the walls, which were in urgent need of repair. Some were never maintained in over 100 years. Many of the trees have been cut as well. This is because of the emerald ash borer. The trees will be replaced.  The work is huge, over 100 million and is a 2 year project. Parcs Canada has already warned us that we may not be able to start May 1st. With advanced warning we will look at alternate locations for our sport crews. We will simply delay the start of our recreational programs.


Happy holidays to you all

and good luck to our premiers this weekend!

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