Practices 2017

April 27, 2017

Start of the Season

Summer season is starting next Monday, May 1st . I would like to remind you that our dragon boat club is open on official Holidays! There will be practices on May 22, June 24 and July 1st(well… on Saturdays this year). The season will end again with Québec Cup, last practice will be on September 14th. 


Waiver Form

Each person participating in the practices at our club must sign a waiver form before the team start their summer practice.Your team won’t practice if your team members have not signed the online waiver form before your first practice.


Team Captains and managers will start registering their team and paddlers in the next couple of days.


You will receive an automated email sent from the system inviting to sign the waiver form. Click on the link and follow the steps.


It's possible that your Email Mailbox considers this email as "Spam". Please in the next couple of days, check your "Junk Mail Folder" .



Turcot Project

For those paddling during the winter season have noticed the big metal structure over St-Patrick Street (just North of de L’Église street). Our personal engineer (David, member of 22Dragons and also a real engineer on Turcot project) has informed me that works will continue above the canal in the next couple of weeks (between the pedestrian bridge and the lock). Here are some very important information to keep in mind:

  • For a few days now, the access between and pedestrian bridge is closed (so they can put together the metal structure on the North side of the Canal.

  • The Gadbois parking (on Notre-Dame Street) is still available.

  • Although, to come on this side of the canal, you have to plan on a 5-10 minute detour. The official detour is crossing on the lock (see the attached photoshopped map).

  • The South cycling path has been closed since last year. It is now open as they have closed the North path (for the above mentioned reasons)

Canal Closures

Same system that we had in the last few years.  As soon as we receive the City of Montreal notifications (automatically sent), Lyne will contact crews that will be using the paddling tank during a closure. Please confirm as soon as possible. No reservations in case of a closure!

Lyne will also post an update on 22Dragons-Members Facebook group, and update 22Dragons website (depending on where she is, this might take some time. the update will be made as soon as she has access to a computer).


Rules to Follow


It’s important to respect your practice schedule (start and end time) to make sure everything goes smoothly. If your team comes back at the dock at 7h02pm, you won’t be able to unload your team as the 7pm teams will be loading their boats. The team that will be using your boat will have to cut their practice because you were late! Please, respect the schedule. 



As all waterway, you have to follow rules on the Lachine Canal. And dragon boats must follow them at all time.Attached you’ll find a document with rules to follow and information on docks location.


**Note that you cannot go toward the Lock #4 (between our dock and the lock, under Turcot Exchange). A temporary wall will be built to prevent you to go under the works. If you go, you will be stuck in a deadend. Do not GO!**


No boats can go full speed between Monk Bridge and our dock. This is a “low speed zone”.Maximum speed on the Canal is 10km/hour for the motor boats. Dragon Boats can go faster as we are not a motorboat (but a man-power-boat!)In case of a medical emergency, you can use Parks Canada docks (see attached map), dial 911 and give the most precise location.It is mandatory to have on board, at all time, one PFD per person that is in a dragon boat (Including sport crews!) It is mandatory for all crews and paddlers to wear their PFD the first two weeks of the season.



It is mandatory to have at all time one vest per person onboard of a dragon boat (Including sport teams). Wearing the vest is mandatory for all crews the first 2 weeks of the season.


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